Daily Million

Daily Millions Lotto – such a fun Irish opportunity to test your luck, beat the odds, and win some cash!

This Irish Lottery daily game has been around since September 2012. It came to replace the previous Monday Million and All or Nothing games. One of them produced a prize worth a million euros and the second one was a daily game. The brand new Daily Million combined these two characteristics to give people a bigger and better lottery than its predecessors.

The Irish Lottery Daily Millions is organized by National Lottery Ireland – an entity that’s been around in one form or another since 1987. The National Lottery today operates three distinctive classes of draw-style games, bingo games, instant scratchcard games, and others.

You can rest assured that Daily Million is entirely legitimate and safe to play. If you want to learn a bit more about what is the Irish Daily Million, keep on reading.

How to Play Irish Daily Million

How much is a Daily Million ticket worth? What time is the Daily Million draw each day? So many questions we need to answer! Let’s get right into it.

Daily Million is a traditional draw-style game that follows the 6/39 format. Playing a single line consisting of six digits will cost you one euro. The good news is that an additional opportunity called Daily Million Plus can be activated for an additional payment of 0.50 euros. As you’ve probably guessed already, Daily Million Plus gives you the chance to win other prizes.

The daily drawings occur every single day of the year, including on holidays. Yes, we mention drawings because there are two of them each day – at 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. One interesting fact to share is that the National Lottery does not broadcast the drawing of Daily Million on TV or online. Till the present day, there’s no explanation about why this happens.

When buying tickets for the Irish Daily Million, you can either opt for your own set of six numbers, and you can choose the quick pick option. The second one will have the lottery software generating a random combination of six Daily Millions numbers on your behalf.

You can buy tickets at stores and retail venues, or you can choose the National Lottery online portal.

There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of people who can play the Irish lottery daily. Anyone who is residing in the country legally has the right to play lottery games and claim prizes in the event of winning. The only condition is for all players to be aged 18 or older at the time of buying a ticket.

Daily Million Prizes and Payouts

Speaking of winning, what do Irish Lottery Daily Millions have to offer to players in terms of rewards.

The name does spoil some of the surprises as it tells you right from the start that the top prize, if you get the Daily Millions lotto results correct, is one million euros.

If there is more than one winner for the respective drawing, the sum will be split among all who have matched the six lucky numbers.

Apart from the top prize, there are six additional prize tiers. These range in size from 10,000 euro for the second prize tier to three euro for the lowest prize (that you can win by matching just three of the lucky numbers).

The odds of winning some prize from Daily Million is one in 28, which is pretty good when compared to what other national lotteries have to offer.

Daily Million Plus has a top prize of 500,000 euros. Six additional prize tiers are ranging from 5,000 euro to a two-euro scratchcard.

Both the Daily Million and Daily Million Plus prizes do not rollover. This means that the top amount that players can win is fixed for every single drawing.

All players who win a Daily Million reward have 90 days from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim.

Those who play Daily Million and other Irish lotteries online will have the reward credited to their account. For smaller sums, the process is automatic and doesn’t require any action on behalf of the player. For more substantial amounts, players will be contacted by National Lottery representatives, and there’s going to be an identity verification procedure.

Anyone who plays offline will need to visit a retail venue to claim prizes of under 100 euro. For larger sums, the National Lottery prize claims center is the venue of interest.

The National Lottery has a telephone hotline that can be used to get questions answered and receive additional assistance in terms of claiming a prize.

Irish Daily Million Results: Where to Check?

As already mentioned, the Daily Million draw is not televised for one reason or another. As a result, you cannot watch the Irish Million evening results today being produced on your screen.

Still, there are a couple of other opportunities for getting those Daily Million results for tonight.

The Irish Daily Millions results are being updated on the National Lottery website regularly. There, you can find the latest Daly Millions lotto results, as well as a Daily Irish lottery results archive.

Players who choose online gameplay don’t need to worry about checking the Irish Daily Millions result today. This information will be provided in their profile, and they’ll also be notified in the event of winning something.

Finally, we work hard to give you accurate and comprehensive Daily Million information.

Here, you will find the latest Daily Million numbers. We make the information available two times per day, immediately after the respective drawing occurs. We also have a detailed results archive that you can check and explore for reference purposes.

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